All About Bamboo Outdoor Furniture

Published On July 29, 2017 | By ayut | Furniture Ideas

Bamboo Outdoor Furniture – Bamboo is one of the oldest building materials used by most men. The plant is native to China but spread throughout many tropical and subtropical regions. In another article we talk about the types of garden furniture, today we tell you more about the characteristics of bamboo outdoor furniture.



Bamboo has been used to build houses, roofs, walls, fences and all kinds of furniture. Small objects like bamboo chopsticks, silverware, musical instruments and toys were also produced. The bamboo plant consists of a rhizome or root and cane. The stem is the top containing the woody material. Bamboo growth depends on the species but overall it’s pretty fast, is a species that has a high performance.

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Bamboo is a very durable wood, although it is not appropriate to be outside all year. Decades ago when there were no other synthetic materials such as rattan, bamboo outdoor furniture or terrace was used. However the sun, wind and rain affect bamboo if subjected to them for a while. For cleaning, depending on the design if you have small cross fibers can accumulate dust. First vacuuming furniture to extract maximum dust, then you can use a soft brush to brush the cabinet and remove the dust that has been introduced.

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