Awesome Outdoor Log Furniture

Published On August 20, 2017 | By ayut | Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor log furniture – Apply a finish coat for wooden furniture outdoors you can add years to your life, and can improve the appearance of your furniture even after it has begun to show signs of aging time exposure. Although nothing can keep your wood furniture outdoors looking back indefinitely, it can certainly help a finishing treatment properly prepared. With the right preparation and materials, you can end your wood furniture outdoors in an afternoon.



Wet outdoor log furniture with a hose. If you are working on a hard surface, moisten the surface runoff to dilute application of the cleaning solution. Pour solution and rinse cleaner cover in a pump sprayer. Spray the cleaning solution in wet furniture, up from the bottom of the furniture. Let the solution soak in for five minutes furniture. Rub the furniture with a brush, taking care to clean all furniture surfaces (even in the spaces between the wooden slats).

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Wash the outdoor log furniture washed with a hose, working from the top down furniture. Rinse the cleaning solution as a particular work surface. Allow the furniture to dry completely. Apply a generous layer of dye gel. Start with difficult access areas (for example, the spaces between the wooden slats), apply the stain with a small brush. Work the dye in large, flat areas of furniture with a sponge applicator. Always apply the stain along the direction of the wood grain.

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