Creative Ways to Paint Grey Outdoor Furniture

Published On July 17, 2017 | By ayut | Outdoor Furniture

Grey outdoor furniture – Outdoor furniture is perfect to get creative with paint finishes. You can experiment with techniques that can be scary at an indoor piece. If your garden table looks more shabby than chic, consider giving it a faux finish makeover for a French cafe look. Preparation for paint grey outdoor furniture, Wash the item with warm soapy water or dis-odium phosphate solution. Rinse and let dry. If the existing surface is healthy, all you have to do is sand the surface lightly to give a key to the new paint. But if the finish is cracked or peeling, you have to remove it with a chemical stripper or hand sander. You will need to seal the oiled wood before painting.



Grey outdoor furniture tables look great with a faux marble finish. Oil-based paint works best. You must use white primer; a main color such as gray, beige or green; a small amount of black; mineral turpentine; a sponge and a pair of large feathers. After priming, apply one coat of the main color and while it is wet, start working in it with feathers to add black veins. You can also create white veins by lifting off color with a feather dipped in mineral spirits.

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Use combination grey outdoor furniture of colors to create a well-worn, shabby chic look. Apply the first color and let it dry. Rub a white candle randomly over the surface, with special attention to places where natural wear would occur. Paint another coat and once dry, use steel wool to expose the first color. Alternatively, use a crackle-glaze kit to obtain an antique effect. These finishes are fragile, so seal with the proper varnish for maximum protection.

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