How To Renew Kids Outdoor Furniture

Published On August 13, 2017 | By ayut | Outdoor Furniture

Kids Outdoor Furniture – Painting is the easiest way to rejuvenate any furniture and especially the children. Here we suggest four ideas to completely transform their appearance: make a gradient tone, update your color with spray paint, stenciled motifs add templates and finally, modernizing effect a submerged or dip painting.



Furniture with degraded tones. If the nursery has antique kids outdoor furniture as classic honey-colored wood, which have been totally unfashionable, used chalk paint for renewal. There is so opaque that did not previously give a hand to sand or sealer. Simply wipe with a clean cloth and rubbing alcohol and then paint over the original surface; the result is great, especially if you opt for a clear finish.

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Way to go. To make the gradient, paint first with the pure color to kids outdoor furniture, not mixed with white. Darker colors should go in the bottom of the cabinet, as they provide more visual weight. For the rest, you have to mix the paint in this way: in an empty boat deposited a little pure color and adds a splash of white. Stir well and apply the mixture over the next drawer. Gradually, go adding more white and painting crates to reach the top.

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