Repair Strapping for Outdoor Resin Wicker Furniture

Published On August 19, 2017 | By ayut | Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor resin wicker furniture – Resin sealing wicker and helps prevent it from becoming brittle and breaks down. Over time, the resin seal can be thin, which can leave openings where water can seep into the merge and break its threads. Repair the merged strapping’s by recycling resin to extend wicker furniture lifetime.



Repair strapping for outdoor resin wicker furniture, Place a dust sheet under the wicker furniture to prevent unwanted releases. Select the appropriate type of epoxy for repair. Moderate, white or near white color scheme is the best for the merge repair, because the surface is suitable for painting. Pick an epoxy for marine use to protect furniture from moisture damage. Squeeze some epoxy on a palette. The epoxy tube will squeeze out of resin and hardener simultaneously mixing the two components. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions, if epoxy requires additional mixing.

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Repair strapping for outdoor resin wicker furniture, Glue down any loose wires using epoxy at the ends. Let epoxy dry. Apply small amounts of epoxy on each damaged section – whether it is cracked or broken nails – with a pointed tool. With the aid of a pointed tool is required for wicker furniture due to merge s uneven surface. The pointed tool texture will match as closely as possible, as opposed to the use of epoxy with a scraper, which will leave the repair area noticeable.

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