Romantic Purple Bedrooms Ideas

Published On September 27, 2017 | By ayut | Bedroom Design Ideas

Purple bedrooms can be your best recommendation. Maybe most people prefer to use neutral colors like white, brown, black or grey color for their bedroom. But purple theme is unique, sweet and totally romantic color you actually can use for bedroom. Why afraid to try it, guys?

Black And Purple Bedroom

Black And Purple Bedroom

Romantic purple bedrooms idea can be used in so many ways. Not only from do the wall painting. Here they are some tricks and idea you can try to make a totally purple theme bedroom :

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First, the basic, you can use purple as your wall painting color. But remember, if you use this as your painting color, it means that you won’t use it for another elements because it will make the purple color feels too much. To make the wall painting much more attractive, you can add wall decals from picture or your favorite quotes. It will help to make the attractive look of your purple wall painting.

Beside for wall painting, you can use purple from the bedroom sets. For example, you can use purple color for the table, mirror vanity, carpet or curtains. Pick purple color to make the romantic side, mix with another colors but with neutral and soft element like white or broken white. I think it will be a good combination to add the full romantic effect.

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You can use purple color for curtains or carpet, but remember don’t use purple color everywhere. Maybe you love this color very much, but the idea of the whole purple actually a bad idea, it will make your bedroom look boring, bad, and come with dark nuance.

Well, there are some tips and ideas about make a totally purple theme bedroom. What do you think? Do you like the idea of use this romantic color? Wanna make a romantic and sweet side in your purple bedrooms? Or simply you want to use this color because you love purple? You can share your answers for us, let’s talk and discuss all about this purple theme for our lovely bedrooms.

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